Mountain Tree Service Tick & Mosquito Program

It’s All Natural & Safe:

deer tick

Deer Tick
(Lxodes Scapularis)

Mountain Tree Service has introduced a new program starting in 2014.   With Spring just around the corner, so is warmer weather as well as Ticks and Mosquitos.  We now offer an organic program that utilizes a strong plant extract as its active ingredient. The use of plants as a repellent is not new; it has been used by master gardeners and farmers for many generations.

What & Where:



The Mountain Tree Service Tick & Mosquito program repels ticks, fleas, black flies, and gnats.  It is also a proven deterrent for animals such as; deer, field mice, geese and rabbits. Use it safely on grass, turf, gardens, trees, shrubs, flowers, ornamentals vines and more. Our program is completely safe to use around children, pets, fish, birds, bees and food products.

  • All Natural, Poison Free
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Safe for People, Pets, Plants
  • Safe for Fish, Bees, Birds
  • Repels Mosquitoes, Gnat’s
  • Repels Tick, Fleas, Flies
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